Phoenix Legal Consultants provide innovative and practical solutions for your law firm and legal department in three key areas:

 Governance     Leadership Development     Outplacement

Our Consultants donít just present their advice then walk away. We roll up our sleeves and work with you to execute the new strategies until the project is successfully completed.

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Canadian Bar Association
Annual Conference

Karen MacKay was a
Session Moderator:

Things to consider if you are
thinking about serving your firm
in a leadership role

(see article under Features Article)

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"Taking a look at Pivotal Career Moments"


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legal articles

Taking the Lead: Leading with Integrity - pdf
Karen MacKay | May/June 2017

Taking the Lead: Balancing Opposing Views - pdf
Karen MacKay | Jan/Feb 2017

Taking the Lead: Adding Professional Management – And How to Pay For It - pdf
Karen MacKay | Sept/Oct 2016

Look before you leap when offered a leadership role - pdf
Karen MacKay | August 2016



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