Managing Change

In any change initiative, the biggest challenge in law firms is always execution. Given the need to service external clients first, the practice group or the firm itself falls behind in the order of priority.

Phoenix Legal does not just come in and tell you how things look, or make suggestions on how they should be fixed: we assist you with execution by retaining a project management role right through the process until you feel confident that it has become part of the rhythm of the firm. We remain flexible in terms of what this role might mean – our aim is to deliver value as you define it.

In our experience, lawyers will buy into and support a plan that they have had a hand in creating. By making all lawyers stakeholders in the process from assessing culture through to initiating change, you help ensure that everyone in the firm acts effectively and efficiently when called on to support a component of the plan for change. Phoenix Legal will be there for your firm every step of the way from assessment and advice through to planning and execution.

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Legal Management Expertise  - photo taken by Karen MacKay
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