If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change…”
Giuseppe Tomasi di Campedusa, The Leopard

There is a remarkable direct tie between the strength of a law firm’s culture and its financial performance. This is not surprising, when one considers that law firm culture is the basis of all compensation, succession and governance arrangements within a firm. To improve these arrangements, and consequently its bottom line, a firm must first understand its culture and develop language to describe it.

Phoenix Legal is uniquely positioned to assist your firm in the event that it has decided to take stock of its culture and affect change. We involve as many firm members as desirable, through a confidential and customized cultural inventory. Which can help your firm: develop a common language; build on its existing strengths; provide a baseline from which to measure the impact of change; access merger candidates; and add depth to recruiting and marketing messages.

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Legal Management Expertise  - photo taken by Karen MacKay
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