Planning, Facilitation, Follow-up

An entrenched tradition in the marketplace, law firm retreats serve as an opportunity for lawyers to step away from the day-to-day, explore issues and think creatively about the firm, its overall positioning and its future.

Proper Planning

To ensure that lawyers feel their investment of time and money is worthwhile, it is essential that firms plan retreats with specific goals and objectives in mind, and articulate these beforehand in a well-thought-out and realistic agenda.

Phoenix Legal Inc. can step in at any stage of the retreat process and assist your firm, from clarifying retreat themes and providing appropriate advance materials, to delivering content and facilitating discussions during the retreat, through to ensuring consensus and follow-up are effectively reached.

We typically customize our work to meet our client’s goals, retreat topics that we have worked to deliver in the past include:

  • Business Development
  • Career Development
  • Managing the multi-generational law firm

Most importantly, because we work exclusively with lawyers, Phoenix Legal brings to any retreat an understanding of the legal profession, familiarity and comfort with law firm personalities, and skill at managing and guiding group discussions.

In the words of our clients

I have had the pleasure of working with Karen on our Firm retreats. She has been hands on, from the genesis of Retreat planning to the implementation of initiatives after the Retreat. Karen has a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience, and she combines that with her wonderful ‘people skills’. But perhaps her most valuable attribute is her intuition. Karen can spot issues with amazing accuracy, and she always seems to know when to push and when to more gently guide. Quite simply, I love working with her and look forward to doing it again.

Sandra Dawe, Managing Partner, Shibley Righton LLP



Karen is a very talented and experienced facilitator.  She has a unique ability to understand the many divergent personalities of the lawyers in the room and gets the group to think about and solve their own issues.  Her wealth of experience comes shining through especially when things get tense.  I would highly recommend Karen to help you with your practice issues and growth.  

John Weir, Managing Partner, McCarter Grespan Lawyers


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