Succession Planning

“Succession is about weathering the storm of generational shift…It’s about how organizations weather this storm, not individuals…the shifting individuals ARE the storm.”
Paul H. Burton

Like death and taxes, succession will occur – planned or not. Succession planning enables organizations to prepare their future leaders; transition talent, knowledge and clients; consolidate and leverage market position; and, above all, create necessary and worthwhile change. Consensus is required to achieve these challenging goals, yet questions such as “how do I get paid?” and “how do I get out?” erect immediate conversational barriers, particularly between generations.

With Millenials now outnumbering the Boomer Generation in North America, firms are needing to balance competing values, work ethic and definitions of success – making succession planning a potential minefield that many organizations avoid at all costs.

With a successful history of helping firms navigate the “storm of generational shift,” as well as our exclusive focus on the legal industry, Phoenix Legal is able to quickly assess the structure and governance of a firm, understand its culture, its core values, and its strategic vision. Armed with this foundational understanding, Phoenix Legal can assist your firm with all stages of the succession planning process, including: analysis of the existing reality, facilitating dialogue and consensus; identifying the critical factors for success; and developing key action steps on the road to timely and effective implementation.

Most importantly, we facilitate the succession planning process so that all relevant firm members have the best information possible to enable informed decisions. We give lawyers the opportunity to be heard through confidential and flexible one-on-one interviews and surveys tailored to your firm’s goals and objectives, to the design and facilitation of firm-wide meetings.

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